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Welcome To Sumarth

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It focuses on knowing the market situation of crops in terms of geo-specific quality and quantity demand. It helps in future marketing of products in minimum effort for maximum gain.

Market assessment

Organisation regularly visits farms for crop health management. This approach ensures right practices on right time and prevents unnecessary expenditure on crops.

On farm visits

Training sessions are organised to change the farmers' practices for market-friendly products. Organisation provides training in classroom and practical modes.

Knowledge Decentralization

The best market price through pre-planning of ensured market linkage. It includes post-harvest management to right customer and right market-place for higher return.

Market linkage

To transform farming from an occupation to a respectful profession and enable farmers to earn consistently high returns by educing risk


To provide 360-degree support to farmers specially the marginal with solutions for input linkages, technology, production optimisation and market linkages.

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Menstrual Health

We work to improve the access to quality healthcare services in MHM for the poor and marginalised communities.

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Seeding Happiness

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SumArth is a for-purpose initiative to make agriculture effortless, profitable and fancy. We are engineering technology with sociology and psychology to solve the most significant statement of the global economy. We provide end-to-end advisory support to farmers from crop planning to market linkage, encouraging sustainable and profitable agrarian livelihood using modern agro-techniques, integrated farming and leveraging the latest low-cost technology solutions. The SABLA Sanitary Napkin Program of SumArth trains women in rural India to manufacture and distribute menstrual products. Not only this, we also ensure that menstruators are given the necessary information and resources to manage their periods through educational programs on menstrual health management. SumArth’s women empowerment program focuses on digital literacy, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

We are GuideStar India Advanced Level - Gold certified NGO. Few among 8000 NGOs have this certification indicating a high level of accountability and good governance procedures. To view our profile at GuideStar India

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Our Team


Mayank Jain

Gender and Communication Lead

Surbhi Kumari

Field Officer

Rinku Kumari



Operation Lead




Project Manager

Vishnuchit Anand

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Our Advisors

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Founding Dean-ISB, Founder–Ashoka University, Partner – McKinsey & Co

Pramath Raj Sinha
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Consultant – World Bank, 20+ year exp.,
Ex-Partner – MART

Kirti Mishra
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State Program Manager –Clinton Foundation,John Hopkins Medical College

Amita Yadav
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Urban Farmer, 15+ year exp.,
Seed Scientist &

Pankaj Singh
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Agripreneur, XLRI Graduate, 10+ year exp., Ex-Director
– USHA Martin Agro

Rajesh Singh
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Impact Investment Fund Manager, Worked with Sundaram BNP Paribas Home Finance and Deloitte

TT Venkat
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Our Catalyst

One-Stop Solution For Everything A Farmer May Need

Sumarth Kendra Model

One Stop Solution For All Agricultural Needs. It Is A Market Place, Where All Possible Agricultural Practices Will Be Demonstrated By Different Stakeholders In Farming And Farm-Allied Activities.Based On Mutual Consent And Need Of Farmers, End-To-End Solutions Will Be Provided For All Activities And Initiatives. All Solutions Ranging From Demonstration To Training, Procurement Of Quality Inputs To Sales Of Output Will Be Available At Sumarth Kendra.

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Dronesare going to revolutionize agriculture

As part of our farmer end services, we collect soil samples from farmers and provide them a subsidized soil health card mentioning 14 key parameters about the soil from their plot.

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Financial Literacy – key for smallholder farmers to get out of poverty

Smallholder farmers produce nearly 80 percent of consumed goods in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia every year, making them one of the most prominent factors in global food production.

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Soil health - the very foundation of sustainable agriculture.

It has been found that bees are excellent pollinators which help majority of flowers convert into fruit or vegetables. Without bees, one-third of the food we eat would not be available. Forget about honey, pollen and royal jelly.